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The bustling food culture of Tokyo is the focus of this book, written by Japanese food obsessive Tim Anderson. Each chapter tackles a different subsection of Tokyo cuisine, from the convenience foods found in subway stations and department store basements to the traditional Japanese cuisine you might eat at home to the wonderful innovations that Tokyo chefs have made to the traditions of international food. Drawing on the wisdom of the real chefs and cooks of the city, Anderson helps guide you through cooking classic Japanese dishes like ramen, tempura and yakitori. One for any fan of Japanese food and culture, especially anyone dreaming of a Tokyo holiday.

Tim Anderson is a chef and food writer based in London obsessed with Japanese food culture. Born in Wisconsin, he spent two years living in Japan after studying Japanese food at university. Now, he lives in the UK, where he is the owner of Japanese restaurant Nanban, was the winner of the UK Masterchef, and has now written three books, including Tokyo Stories and JapanEasy.

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